We are a boutique consulting firm. We have extensive experience building and deploying strategy road maps for business, digital, supply chain, IT, engineering and technology efforts. We explore new capabilities. We do extensive modeling and simulation of your current state and future state. We also build and use optimization models to solve specific problems. We are lean and agile. We can help you extend your markets beyond your shores. We can also help you design better products and resilient supply chains.


OUT ON THE horizon

You are busy running things. Let us do the early search and find.

Exploratory Research & Value Proposition Development: Early research and analysis of fundamental technology capabilities, potential partner development and value stream assessments

Exploratory Technology Demonstrations: Hacks & more


It takes visionary leadership to build a great business. Let us help you.

Business Transformation: Focused on business health and performance, short and long term strategies for value delivery, partnering and acquisitions using our Business Fabric SM methodology

Sourcing Strategies & Value Proposition: US, Germany, Mexico, India & China

Business Process Modeling: Developing a deep understanding of your business processes, performance and value delivery


Let us help you sort through the hype and help build a pragmatic road map for your business.

Digital Transformation: Focused on technology delivering a digitized, digitalized and democratized IT & OT footprint enabling an awesome stakeholder experience using our Digital Fabric SM methodology aligned with your Value Chain

Digital Twin: Development and application of technology to enable a digital twin for different industry verticals

Platforms: Identification, selection & deployment planning


Let us help you become lean and agile.There is waste every where. Sometimes difficult to see.

Lean Transformation: Focused on operations, lean methods and an agile workplace powering organizations to run effectively and efficiently using our Lean Fabric SM methodology and flow math models

Lean Design: Value stream models with math models to verify and validate flow designs


Suppliers, let us help you find local customers.

Supply Network: Focused on helping suppliers across the globe expand their footprint and connect with local businesses

Agency: Provide local agency and representation for non US based businesses including marketing and operations

Supplier Quality: Code of Conduct. Quality Manual.

design local BUILD LOCAL

Let us help you rethink your Supply Chain.

Design Local: Unburden your product designs from serving too many masters.

Build Local: Short, resilient cost effective supply chains to serve your target markets.


Lets us offer you a perspective

One Day Classes

Lean Design:Design for flow

Resilient Supply Chain: Short Supply Chains

Agile Design: Agile for teams

Design Local Build Local: Patterns for Product Design


Engineering: Mechanical, Manufacturing & Industrial, Factory Automation

IT: Architecture & Solutions Design, App Development

Supply Chain: Sourcing, Agency


Building solutions for specific client needs across different areas using AI, AR, IoT, Factory Automation, Robotics, Cloud & Edge









Oil & Gas




Cities & Townships